Affordable TV Wall Mounting

Professional TV Installers in South Africa

Do you need TV wall mounting? We offer a range of TV installation services for projection televisions, LCD, LED, and plasma. Whether you need custom wall mounts or ceiling mounts, we provide every solution to ensure that your TV viewing experience is second to none. 

Our professional installers ensure that your wall mounted flat screens are attached firmly and also provide hidden cabling for TV to avoid an eyesore.

Mounting your TV provides a better viewing experience than placing it on a stand. If you are installing a TV in a commercial place, then you need reliable TV installation and wiring services, not only to mount your TV properly, but also for proper wiring. 

We have been offering quality services when you need a wall mounted TV. We can provide sturdy TV brackets for flat screen wall mounting whenever you need.

If you need plasma screen installation services, trust us to install your TV in the best position for a wide viewing angle. We specialize in TV mounting for homes and commercial places. 

No matter the size of the TV or where you would like our technicians to mount it, we guarantee you an exceptional job. Get in touch with us today for a stress-free TV mounting experience at an affordable price.

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TV Mounting Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to mount a TV?

It shouldn’t take more than 2 hours to properly mount a TV from the time a TV installation professional arrives at your home or place of business be it you are in Randburg, Johannesburg, Alberton, Boksburg, Centurion, Edenvale, Pretoria, Krugersdorp, Krugersdorp, Cape Town or anywhere in South Africa.

2. Where are the best spots to position your TV?

There are plenty of spots in a home or office that are perfect for mounting TVs. Ideally, you want a large, flat surface that can accommodate for the size of your device. You should aim to measure the area where you plan on installing the TV before buying it. 

This will prevent you from purchasing a TV set that’s too big or too small for the space. Additionally, you should also position the TV at eye-level to facilitate a comfortable viewing experience. It can be very tiring to look up at a TV for hours on end.

3. How much does it cost to get a TV mounted?

Televisions are generally mounted using mounting brackets. Mounting brackets come in various kinds with different price tags. The price is mainly affected by the material used in making them which in most cases is made out of metal. 

It’s important that you buy products that are durable and strong enough to hold the weight of your TV. Therefore the price for TV mounting ranges and is affected by the TV installer’s fee, mounting brackets and other materials required in addition to your TV itself.

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Need Help Finding a TV Mounting Professional?

If you want to mount a TV on the wall, but don’t know where to start then you are on the right place. Reach out to us via calling at +27 82 428 6695 or WhatsApping us and a TV mounting professional will guide you through our simplified process.

We offer TV mounting services for Homes, Offices, Hotels, or any entertainment space. We specialize in Installing TV brackets for all TV types from dry wall to cement walls. 

We can also install customer provided brackets including the provision of HDMI cabling, trunking (Cable Management) and brackets to carry all televisions from 12-inch LCDs to 88-inch TVs and Curved Smart TVs screens and mounting can be done on all surfaces.

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